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Teambuilding activities on a boat

Teambuilding activities on a boat:  if there is one place you have to work together as a team, well then it’s on a boat

teambuilding activiteitOn a large sailing ship you have to work together. A ship isn’t just governments and by communicating with one another you achieve the most. Since 1999, we therefore provide successful special teambuilding programs on board. Tailor-made for the ship . With team building activities in which you will be introduced to all aspects of the ship and the sailing. A piece of history, a bit of problem solving, a bit of creativity.

The team building activities are a nice addition to your corporate event or team day! Good for the team spirit, but not that serious that there’s no fun anymore. No lengthy analyzes and briefings and debriefings. But a great active day with each other in a new environment and refreshing open air !

Or how about a regatta?

Dia11The best way to create a team, is to create a common enem, they say.  So divide the group into seperate teams and let them race against each other! This can be in small groups of about 12 people per sailing a boat or larger groups on larger ships. In the first case you sail with lemster aken and in the second case with clippers or barge . Or a mixture of these. Organizing regattas  is one of our specialties, so challenge us and request a quote today !


1606, 2014

H.K., corporate event

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your ship crew for the sailing trip. Our all team enjoyed it very much!

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