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Visit Marken

Ultimate tourist attraction

The village of Marken was separated from the mainland after a huge storm in the 13th century. A centuries-long period of isolation followed for the community which made their money with fishing. These days, tourism is a major source of income.

Highlights of Marken

The typical houses and the traditional costumes are reminiscent of the past. In the old days, the island was flooded quite regularly. For this reason, houses were built on stilts and on mounds. The dike, which was constructed in 1957, once more links the island to the mainland.

You’ll have to see it with your own eyes to believe how a community could live on a small island in the former Zuiderzee (‘Southern Sea’) for centuries. The charms of Marken with its characteristic houses and costumes are likely to steal your heart.

Who says Marken says “Sijtje Boes”, one of the best known residents of Marken. For many years the shop named after her at the harbor is visited by loads of tourists from around the world.

Give the horse a sugar cube

The lighthouse, ” Horse of Marken ,” is well known outside the region. Especially the many photo’s  of drifting ice surrounding the lighthouse are internationally known. When you sail from Muiden to Marken and Volendam, then you certainly sail past the Horse of Marken. An ancient tradition of the skippers of Muiden is, to sail a race when they depart from Muiden to Volendam. The winner is the one who has given the ‘Horse’ a sugar cube first.

What to do in Marken?

You can follow a guided tour by a guide dressed in traditional costume. It’s a tour that lets you discover the past and present of Marken and makes the visit to the former island a real experience.

But it’s also wonderful to walk on your own through the narrow streets, past the unique wooden houses, towards the lighthouse and back again.


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