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Extra decoration of the ship for special occasions

Extra decoration of the ship for special occasions2023-03-06T13:01:44+01:00

Decorate the ship as you wish!

Our ships all look beautiful from the inside. Some modern , some traditional, but at all times with a nautical atmosphere . Yet it may be that you want to dress up the ships’ interior for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday party.

Here you’ll find some suggestions:

balloon decoration

Always festive and cheerful: decoration with balloons. Both above and below deck a decoration of balloons can be made, for example with balloons tied to the railing of the ship, or with clusters of balloons below deck. And the nice thing about balloons is of course that they are available in all colors of the rainbow


For a wedding or a reception a beautiful flower arrangement or small floral decorations are very nice. When we’re sailing, we will put the flower arrangements in a safe place, but the rest of the time the flowers will brighten up the ship! You are free to make flower decorations yourself. Of course, we can also provide floral decorations for you .

tables covered with white linen

During a special dinner it’s of course extra special to cover the tables with white linnen.

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