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Hotels around the IJsselmeer

Hotels around the IJsselmeer2023-03-06T13:01:49+01:00

Hotels for a overnight stay during, after or before your wonderful stay on the water

There are many nice hotels in ports around the IJsselmeer and Markermeer. Some of them we can recommend.  In case you want to arrive a day before your sailing trip. Or when you want to book a hotel after sailing.

On this page you will find some hotel suggestions .


Hotel het Rechthuis : A beautiful hotel located in charming Muiderberg , 5 minutes by car Muiden.

NH Hotel Naarden: Near an industrial area and highway but close to a golfcourse and marina. Many facilities like gymnasium and sauna.


Hotel Old Dutch: Extremely good value for money and in the center of Volendam !


Het hof van Marken : The only hotel in Marken , the nicest hotel in the area ! ” Charming by nature” as they say.

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