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Muiden Maritiem Racing

Muiden Maritiem Racing2023-03-06T13:01:56+01:00

Racing is our passion

Muiden Maritiem has its own race team that races fanatical with clipper De Hoge Wier and Lemsteraak Grote Jager.
The team consists of a fixed core team and is supplemented by occasional or frequent crewmembers. So interested people who would like to know what it’s actually like to participate in a sailing regatta, there is an oppurtunity to come along.

During the season we train every week. With the clipper or the Lemsteraak.

Want to come along? Check out the opportunities and sign up!

Team Hoge Wier

With the super fast clipper De Hoge Wier the team has won countless awards.

Team Grote Jager

So after winning so manny races with the clipper, it was time for a new challenge! Since 2010, the Lemsteraak Grote Jager was added to the fleet of Muiden Maritem. And now regatta’s are sailed with this ship as well. You have to get to know a ship and most importantly, optimize it. That’s what we’re doing right now. And actually, that’s really the best part of the game of racing. Because there are allways more things to learn!

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